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ista Inc. is a movie production company in Tokyo, Japan.
We plan, cast and manage various tasks related to visual production.
iVista also creates and produces graphic design projects.


「Freddie the Leaf 」 Reading by Makiko Meguro

    Price:1000 yen, order at okamotoyoko@hotmail、Tel/Fax:03-5933-2005 Please.

A new CD "Orth★To the starry sky"

    by Midori Nishizaki is on sale now

    Price:1000 yen, order at okamotoyoko@hotmail、Tel/Fax:03-5933-2005 Please.

Presenter, MC, Reporter : Hiroko Kayama

See Gen Okamoto`s art and design works.


Business purpose

1, Distribution and sales of movies, TV programs, images and music projects.
2, Planning and implementation of events, seminar.
3, Advertisement related projects.
4, Market Research and market data management.
5, Magazine design, fashion products and sport goods related projects.
6, Publishing and related projects.
7, Management and promotion of TV pop stars.
8, Management and planning of character goods.
9, Licensing of copyrights and trademarks management of movies, videos, images, literature,
  fine arts, music and related contents.
10, Graphic Design, illustrations and characters creation and design.
11, Related business.

Main clients

・NHK Inc. (national broadcasting station)
・NHK Enterprise Inc.
・NHK Media Technology Inc.
Tokyo TV Land Inc.
SMC Inc.
Middle Wood Capital Japan Inc.
Zeal World Wide Japan Inc.
Shanghai Shin-Nan education investment Co., Ltd.
Shiba Inter Art
・Etoire Art Gallery

  ・i ista Inc. (Incorporated Company)

Main office
  ・1-15-20-309 Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  ・E-mail: okamotoyoko@hotmail.com

Beijing, Pan Qinglin Office

President: Yoko Okamoto

Establishment date: Feb.10. 1999
  Date of changing a company name: May.24 2007

Capital 3,000,000 JPY

Correspondent bank
  ・Mizuho bank Nerima Fujimidai branch
  ・Yachiyo Bank Yoyogi Branch